Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 4-A Middle Eastern Celebration

I've mentioned many times how much my husband and I LOVE Middle Eastern cuisine. There is a Middle Eastern Market about 15 minutes from us that we like to visit to stock up on a few essentials. It's always worth going out of our way for quality olive oil, tahini, fresh pita, and authentic seasonings.

Last weekend we were inspired to test our ability to make our favorite cuisine at home and dined on this miniature feast of chicken shwarma, homemade hummus, rice, and fresh pita bread. The hummus was amazing and the rice turned out great. My shwarma was yummy but a far cry from authentic. The seasoning was a little different than I expected...Good for a first attempt!

Our Mini M.E. Feast

Chicken Shwarma: Chicken, tomatoes, and onion marinated with Sadaf Shwarma Seasoning

Hummus: Our recipe from April 2013

Rice: I prepared white rice as directed, but added a little bit of garlic, cumin, and parsley to spice it up.

Pita Bread: Fresh baked Arabic Bread from the local market

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