Meet the Chef

Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm the girl who wears the oven-mitts behind this operation.

5 Facts

I tend to be a planner, but I love cooking because it allows me to be spontaneous and creative!

I'm genuinely a morning person. I know...I'm weird. 

I am a klutz! If you knew how many spills, cracks, and stains have resulted from my kitchen endeavors you would either shake your head or laugh hysterically. My hubby just smiles and says I'm accident prone. 

Despite all the dinner recipes, breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day.

I've love Disneyland. It is quite arguably the happiest place on earth.

Things I love:
My Savior, Jesus Christ. 

My hilarious husband who always keeps me laughing, supports me, and encourages me in my faith.

 (Meet the baby brother. He's pretty awesome.)

Genuine Friendship.

Mornings. Really.

Baseball games. 
(Particularly the LA Dodgers.)

(I love my pink Nikes too.)


The Today Show. 


Getting lost in a novel.

The ocean.


Country Music.

Pretty Kitchens. 

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