Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26- Hosting BBQ Night!

Last night's supper was a team-effort. We hosted two other couples for one of our first dinner parties, since moving into our new place. Barbecue sounded like a good choice, considering the beautiful weather we've been having and the fact that it seems that just about everyone likes a little BBQ. Our dear friends provided drinks, chips, yummy guacamole, and baking a delicious cake (True friendship is being willing to turn on the oven in the middle of August). I made beans, whipped up the homemade salsa, and cooked refried beans. Everyone pitched in, but I would say that the hero of the night was my husband, Chris.

Chris is seriously King of the Grill. When the idea of a BBQ came up, he excited explained the perfect cut of meat, marinade, etc. At the time, it all went over my head. I'm no meat master and was in much need of a lesson in marinades, tenderizer, and beef cuts. "Just tell me what to buy. I buy, and you can be the Meat Master," I told him. We make a perfect time. The carne asada was delicious and everyone loved it! I'm convinced he can do anything. :)


Carne asada, warm tortillas, homemade salsa, guacamole, chips, and iced tea; 
The perfect farewell to summer meal. 

...I think they liked it >>

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