Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22- Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Tonight's supper was simply a miss-mash of leftovers, thrown together into something that turned out quite yummy! There was a tupperware container of leftover quinoa in the refrigerator, just begging to be eaten. I love quinoa but it needs a little something extra to dress it up. Determined to make a meal of a side, I dug through the refrigerator and collected a few ingredients to spice things up. The result was simple, yet satisfying.

Southwestern Quinoa Salad
1/2 cup cooked quinoa
1/2 cup black beans
1/4 avocado, chopped into small pieces
1/2 tomato
1 green onion
2 tsp chunky salsa
1 dash of onion power

Mix, microwave, enjoy. 

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