Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14- Ground Turkey Tacos

Quick. Convenient. Muy deliciouso. 
Tacos don't really call for much of a recipe, but it sure is a nice addition to the weeknight dinner repertoire. All you need is tortillas and seasoned meat. Customize with whatever toppings you prefer. No one ever turned down a taco. Everyone chooses what they like and its a win-win for everyone. 

Tonight our table boasted the following:
Cooked ground turkey, seasoned w/taco seasonings
Whole-wheat tortillas
Flour tortillas
Homemade Spanish rice
Homemade guacamole
Pinto Beans
Shredded cheese

The grand finale of the evening was singing loudly to oldies while packing up leftovers and doing the dishes together. I loved married life. 

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