Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12-Food Truck Frenzy

I've noticed the ever-growing popularity of the food truck frenzy in movies and on television, but I had yet to try one of these tasty eateries-on-wheels myself until this past week. When my husband and I heard that about 35 food trucks would be rolling by, we decided that an afternoon downtown was a must.  

When I saw the varieties of unique establishments, I was like a kid at a carnival. There were so many tempting trucks to choose from, we decided to walk by each one before we made any decisions (Otherwise, we may have sampled everything...seriously).  

    Stop #1: The Green Truck                                              My husband and I both dubbed The Green Truck our favorite truck of the 35 truck lineup. This little establishment serves only organic food, and the entire kitchen is solar powered. Besides caring for the planet, The Green Truck also offered delicious food!

 Stop # 2: The Hungry Nomad                    One of our signature date nights as a couple is searching for the best Middle-Eastern restaurants that we can find. We've even been known to drive an hour away just to try a new spot that someone suggested. Naturally, we had to stop for a little something from The Hungry Nomad.                                                                                           

Stop #3: The Rolling Sushi Van                At first I was a little leery about sushi from a truck. My love for sushi and my hunger for adventure convinced me to try it out. I'm glad I did...Yum. I love sushi. 
Stop #4: The Mighty Boba Truck                  And finally, to end the adventure, we stopped for boba tea. The Mighty Boba Truck had a lot of great flavors to choose from. We opted for PinaColada and Passion Green Tea. A very refreshing way to battle the 95 degree heat. 

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